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Meet Floralei's


The name Floralei's originated from my nickname "Loralei" and the love I have for florals. I truly feel the blending of these names adds my personal touch to all of my finished products. 

Hi there! My name is Lori McQuiddy. I am a New Jersey girl turned Californian. I moved to the West Coast with the passion to pursue my dreams and bring beauty and warmth wherever I go. I just so happened to meet the love of my life on my first journey to San Diego and we currently live in the Bay Area of San Francisco. 

I am a creative designer with a passion for handcrafting original pieces. My love for flowers shows in my designs in which I enjoy sharing with my clients. I greatly appreciate all the outdoors has to offer us and I utilize that for my inspiration. We live as "green" as possible and always try to incorporate sustainability into all of my projects. 

To say I am a dog lover would be an understatement. We adopted a dog named Blitz who is such a sweetheart, he is a part of our family. He is just the best with our son, Cedar. It is so heartwarming to see their love for each other. Cedar was born in June 2016 and has been keeping us on our toes since Day 1. What was life like before him? I don't even know and frankly I don't want to. So much love for you kid!!! Everything I do, I do for you.